Legislative Activity

Amendments to Title 20 of the ND Administrative Rules as Adopted by the NDBDE. For your convenience all changes will be either underlined to indicate added language or strike through (removing text). 

Administrative Rules Effective July 1, 2017   

Administrative Rules Have the Force of Law

Rules implement, interpret, or describe procedures or practice requirements of the agency or board. Chapter 20 of the North Dakota Administrative Code contains rules promulgated by the North Dakota State Board of Dentistry. Rules are adopted by state agencies and state boards who have specific rulemaking authority from the State Legislature.

Before a rule is published several procedures are required. The public must be notified of the Board's intent and is provided opportunity to comment. The rules must be reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office and the Legislative Council. The Administrative Rules Committee's charge under NDCC Ch. 54-35-02.6 is to review new rules adopted by an agency or entity such as the North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners and issue an opinion. If the Administrative Rules committee objects to all or any portion of a rule, the burden of persuasion is upon the Board for any further judicial review.