Dentists' Loan Repayment Program

North Dakota's Dental Loan Repayment Program

Annually, the state health council shall select, from a pool of applicants, dentists who will provide dental services in cities or surrounding areas, or both, in this state which the state health council identifies as having a defined need for dental services. The dentists selected from this pool of applicants shall agree to accept medical assistance patients and assignments or provide dental services in a public health clinic, a practice with a focus on an underserved population, or a nonprofit dental clinic. A selected dentist who agrees to the terms of this program is eligible to receive funds for the repayment of the dentist's education loans. The funds, which are payable over a five-year period, may not exceed one hundred thousand dollars per applicant. If the state health council accepts any gifts, grants, or donations under this chapter, the council may select additional dentists for participation in the loan repayment program under this chapter. The North Dakota State Legislature has provided funds to support a loan repayment program for dentists who provide dental services in areas of need in the state.

Loan repayment information and applications are available on the North Dakota Office of Primary Care's website at   Once received, reviewed and prioritized by a subcommittee, applications will be forwarded to the North Dakota State Health Council for their decision. For more information, contact the Director of the North Dakota Primary Care Office at 701.328.4908 

Laws - ND Loan Repayment Program