• Your Prescription Drug Monitoring Program; New Administrative Rules


    Substance misuse is a major public health challenge which Governor Burgum has made a top priority. The Governor recently met with a gathering of health professionals including representatives from Boards of Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry for the purposes of addressing the opioid epidemic which included proposed strategies to mitigate the public health crisis. The North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners support the Governor’s efforts to find a solution to this problem in our state.

    The most devastating consequence are the numbers of lives lost each year. In 2013 North Dakota had eleven opioid overdose deaths; two years later the number has tripled. Six other states have already declared and implemented Emergency Executive Orders relating to the opioid crisis.

    The North Dakota Board of Dental Examiner’s has been focused on proactively creating awareness by addressing the issue via newsletters and dispersed information throughout the Board’s website. It is the Board’s position that dental prescribers can and must play a role in minimizing opioid abuse. Through raising awareness, patient education, careful patient assessment and consistently using tools such as the North Dakota Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) dental professionals can make a difference.

    The new rules can be found on the Board’s website at Administrative rule 20- 02-01-12 outlines when dental prescribers must use the PDMP. The new laws require a dentist authorized by the DEA to authorize an employee to review, or personally request and review the PDMP report prior to the initial prescribing of any controlled substance, including samples within the previous 12 months. The Board may take disciplinary action against the license of any licensee who fails to utilize the PDMP as required by law. The Board encourages all practitioners to enroll in the PDMP program even if not routinely prescribing opioids.

    PDMP registration and contact information:

    PDMP Registration: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

    Phone: 701-328-9537

    Fax: 701-328-9536


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