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Online License Renewal is now available!

Online renewal accepts VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD credit cards and VISA DEBIT cards. 



License and Registration Renewal  - For general information, timeline, and paper renewal forms. 

Dental Assistants do not renew this year! Renewal is not available for dental assistants. Dental assistant registrations expire December 31, 2020.  

Late Renewals

A dentist or dental hygienist who practices after the expiration date without renewing may not practice. An expired license may be renewed within 60 days of the expiration date by submitting the  apporopiate renewal and late fees. After 60 days the license may not be renewed and the practitioner must apply for reinstatement and meet the requirements for licensure to be granted a license.

Continuing Education

DO NOT SUBMIT CONTINUING EDUCATION TO THE BOARD! The Board no longer collects, stores or maintains CE records. Should you be selected for a random CE audit, the licensee must provide evidence of appropriate CE.  Therefore, save evidence of CE for the event of an audit.   When signing the renewal form, the licensee also attests that all CE requirements have been met.   

The minimum requirement for dentists is 32 total hours and 16 hours for dental hygienists. Continuing education must including 2 hours of infection control, 2 hours of Ethics and Jurisprudence, and 2 hours of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course (CPR) or Basic Life Support. CPR education must be obtained in the classroom setting. 

All practitioners who have graduated within 2 years of the renewal date are exempt from the CE requirement. CPR must remain current at all times. Practitioners, who obtained a License by Credential, may submit CE taken within 24 months of the expiration of the license even if the CE was submitted as part of the license by credential process.

License Status

If you are uncertain of your licensure status, please use the Verification link in the menu above. It is illegal to practice dentistry, dental hygiene, or provide dental assisting expanded duties without a license or registration.