Reinstatement and Inactive License


Reinstatement Requirements

Reinstatement applications and the associated application fee must be received by the Board 30 days prior to the Board's meeting.  Other required documents may be sent and received by the Board after the application has been received. Once the application and fee have been received by the Board’s office the applicant will be sent criminal background check fingerprint cards with instructions.  Processing this information may take up to 14 business days. All fees are non refundable. Additional requirements of reinstatement include:

  1. Proof that the dental applicant has completed 32 hours of continuing education in accordance with Administrative Rule  20-02-01-06 within two years of application.  
  2. Evidence of current CPR.
  3. Grounds for denial of the application under NDCC § 43-28-18 do not exist.
  4. The applicant must deliver to the board license verification from the examining or licensing board of every jurisdiction in which the individual is or was licensed to practice, certifying that the individual is or was licensed. 
  5. The applicant provides proof of employment in clinical dental practice or dental education for the five years prior to application. Examples of proof of employment include W2 or a notarized letter from employer.
  6. The applicant has passed a written examination on the laws and rules governing the practice of dentistry in this state administered by the board.
  7. Dentist: Sedation/Anesthesia administration requires a renewable permit, administration of dermal fillers or botulinum toxin requires a permit.
  8. The Board may require reexamination of clinical skills.
  9. The dentist provides proof of 14 hours nitrous oxide training or proof demonstrating three years of practical experience in the use of nitrous oxide of as required by Administrative Rule  20-02-01-03.

  Reinstatement Application Packet

Inactive Status

Upon payment of the fee a dental hygienist or dentist may place the license on inactive status. At the time of renewal a license that is current and in good standing may be converted to inactive status.  While on inactive status licensed dentists or dental hygienists are not required to submit continuing education.  You may wish to maintain your inactive status if you practice out of state or have retired. Inactive status permits the licensee to retain their license in good standing and avoid cancellation, and allows the licensee to receive all NDSBDE mailings.

While on inactive status, the licensee may not engage in the practice of dentistry or dental hygiene in North Dakota until the individual submits a reinstatement application, pays the reinstatement fee, and meets any additional requirements established by the Board.

To maintain a North Dakota inactive license, the licensee must be renewed no later than December 31, annually. If the inactive license is not renewed the license is cancelled.

Pursuant to Section 20-02-01-04.3 a license on inactive status may be reinstated prior to the next license expiration date provided grounds for denial of the application do not exist. The practitioner must meet CE requirements and successfully complete the online jurisprudence examination.

2023 Inactive Renewal form for dentists & hygienists

Fees are Nonrefundable

All fees are nonrefundable even if the applicant is subsequently denied or fails to complete the application. The Board will not discuss or give information regarding the application with anyone other than the applicant. You may review your documents received by the Board.  

Background Check

The NDBDE will mail appropriate forms to the applicant upon receipt of a completed NDSBDE license application and application fee. Return the fingerprint forms to the NDBDE. Submit both fingerprint cards to the NDSBDE with your check or money order for $40.00 payable to the ND Attorney General.The forms may be completed by local law enforcement or fingerprinting service center which may take digital prints. The process may take up to 14 days. Results shall be received by the board prior to the issuance of a license to practice. Check with local law enforcement for scheduling. 

FAQs - Inactive and Reinstatement

Who is eligible to apply for reinstatement? 

To reinstate a license the applicant must have previously held a dental or dental hygiene license in North Dakota.  If you have not been actively practicing dentistry or dental hygiene in ND previous to application and have not kept inactive status current by annually maintaining inactive status, you may be required to apply for license by credential. To assure the Board has retained your credentials, contact the Board prior to application  (The ND Record Retention and Records Management laws require deletion of aged records).

 How do I maintain my inactive status?

To renew inactive status licensees are sent a notice of renewal by mid October, annually. The fee to remain on inactive status is $40.

 What if I fail to renew the inactive status by December 31st?

If the Board does not receive the renewal application and fee the inactive status expires. By sending the application, application fee and late fee, the inactive status may be reinstated. If the Board does not receive the application, and fees etc., by March 1st of the odd-numbered year, the inactive status is cancelled and cannot be renewed. 

How do I reinstate a license that is on inactive status? 

You must submit a completed reinstatement application, application fee and requirements of application. Requirements include appropriate proof of continuing education and certification in CPR within the twenty-four month period prior to requesting to reinstate the license. Upon receipt of your application and application fee, you will receive background check fingerprint cards. Instructions for taking an online jurisprudence and ethics exam are also sent to the applicant. The completed application is reviewed by the full Board for approval.  To determine the status of your application process, you may view documents received by the Board by logging in on the Board’s web site.  

Once I have submitted the application and requirements, when will I receive the license?

License applications are reviewed when the Board meets.  Completed applications which have met the requirements of licensure are granted licensure by majority vote of the Board during it’s meeting. Applicants may verify license status online.

Are there any other requirements that may be of concern to an RDH reinstatement applicant?

If you have been actively practicing dental hygiene in the three year period prior to application or have passed a clinical competency examination administered by a regional dental testing service, approved by the board in section 20-04-01-04, within two years of application, you are eligible for reinstatement. The board may, within the board’s discretion, waive this requirement. 

Are there any other requirements that may be of concern to a DDS  reinstatement applicant?

If you have been actively practicing dentistry in the five year period prior to application or have passed a clinical competency examination administered by a regional dental testing service, approved by the board in section 20-04-01-04, within five years of application, you are eligible for reinstatement. The board may, within the board’s discretion, waive this requirement.