Volunteer License for Dentists

Volunteer License

Between meetings of the Board, the Executive Director of the Board may review the volunteer license application and grant a provisional license if the following requirements are met:

1.  The applicant was formerly licensed and actively practicing in North Dakota or another jurisdiction for at least three of the five years immediately preceding application, where the requirements are at least substantially equivalent to those of this state; or              

a.  The applicant is the resident of a board-approved specialty program; or

b. The board determines that the applicant is qualified and satisfies the criteria specified under NDCC section 43-28-10.1 [click on link].

2.  The applicant agrees to provide primary health services without remuneration in a board-approved setting.

3.  The applicant holds current CPR course certification.

4.  The applicant has completed continuing education requirements of the board.

5.  The applicant has made application for a volunteer dental license in a manner prescribed by the board.

6.  The Board may collect from the applicant the nonrefundable application fee.

7.  The board may apply such restrictions as it deems appropriate to  limit the scope of the practice of dentistry under the authority of the volunteer license.

Application Packet Volunteer Dental License

A patient who is seen by a dentist who holds a volunteer license to practice dentistry shall not be considered a patient of record of the volunteer dentist. A dentist is not obligated to treat the patient outside of the volunteer practice setting.