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The opportunity for online renewal is not available after midnight December 31, 2017. Licensees who renew after 12/31/2017 will be subject to late feesIf your renewal was not received online or USPS postmarked on or before December 31, 2017, your license is expired and you may not practice dentistry or dental hygiene. To renew after 12/31/2017, download and print the paper application and send the renewal application, renewal fee and late fee. Renewals are still accepted during the grace period ending February 28, 2018.  
The renewal forms can be printed from the below links: 

2018-2019 Dentist Renewal Form
2018-2019 Hygiene Renewal Form

Note: The Board cannot process credit card payments in the office. Do not call the Board office with your credit card number or write it on your form.

Notice: Once the Board's office receives the required number of CE credits, the Board will not save, document or record further CE submittals sent by licensees. Upon successful completion of online renewal, your "CE bank" goes back to zero, with the exception of CPR, which must be maintained at all times. 

All dental and dental hygiene licenses must be renewed by December 31 of odd numbered years. Prior to renewal check your Continuing Education Status.

All practitioners are responsible for renewing the dental or dental hygiene license and any related permits, regardless of having received the renewal notice or not. If you did not receive the notice by November 1, 2017, the Board most likely does not have your current mailing address.

The Board Needs Your Current Email Address

Dental and dental hygiene licenses expire 12/31/2017. The Board will no longer mail renewal notices. Therefore it is extremely important to provide the Board a valid and current email address as requested on the ongoing renewal applications.  Following this renewal cycle, notice of renewal will be sent via the email address provided to the Board.  

Dental Health Professional Shortage Area Survey

We appreciate you taking a few moments to fill out this survey to assist the North Dakota Primary Care Office and the Health Resources and Services Administration, Division of Policy and Shortage Designation, in determining dental health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) for North Dakota.  HPSAs are used to determine eligibility and/or prioritization for many programs including federal and state loan repayment programs and grants.  These surveys will provide the information necessary to determine if the area you are providing services in is short providers or has an adequate number of providers to serve the population. By completing the survey now, it will avoid you being called by the Primary Care Office and having to complete the survey over the phone. This survey should only take a few minutes to fill out and can be accessed by clicking on the following link.

Dental HPSA Survey

For questions regarding the survey, contact Bobbie Will, Director, North Dakota Primary Care Office at 701-328-4908 or Terri Lang, Shartage Desgnation Analyst at 701-858-6795. Thank you in advance.

Inactive Status: Dentist & Dental Hygienist 

Inactive status expires 12/31/2017. To renew inactive status for dentist or dental hygiene,  download and print the Inactive Status Application/Renewal form. You may also contact the Board office to have an application mailed to you.  Return the form with the $35 check or money order payable to NDSBDE. After January 1, 2018, there will be additional late fee of $35. 

General Information - License Renewal

Permits that must be renewed by December 31 of odd numbered years and require CE related to the permit:
          Anesthesia permits;  requires 4 hours of related CE
          Sedation permits;    requires 4 hours of related CE
          Anesthesia dental assistant;  requires 2 hours of related CE
          Restorative functions; requires 2 hours of related CE
          Botox;  additional CE related to Botox/dermal fillers is not required

Endorsements such as an endorsement for local anesthesia, nitrous monitoring or sealants do not require renewal.

All continuing education should be submitted on the CE Reporting Form.

Late Renewals

A practitioner who practices after the expiration date without renewing may not practice dentistry or dental hygiene.  An expired license may be renewed within 60 days of the expiration date by submitting the renewal application and renewal fee, proof of completion of continuing education and the late fee. After the 60 days the license may not be renewed and the practitioner must apply for and meet the requirements for licensure to be granted a license. 
2018-2019 Dentist Renewal Form
2018-2019 Hygiene Renewal Form

About Continuing Education

Dentists - The minimum requirement for each dentist renewal period is 32 total hours, including 2 hours of infection control, 2 hours of Ethics and Jurisprudence, and 2 hours of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course (CPR) or Basic Life Support.  If the Board has not received the continuing education required for renewal, the practitioner may not renew online yet. They will need to submit the CE Reporting Form. CE will be entered within 1-2 days, you then may renew online. 

Hygienists - The minimum requirement for each hygienist renewal period is 16 total hours, including 2 hours of infection control, 2 hours of Ethics and Jurisprudence, and 2 hours of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course (CPR) or Basic Life Support.  If the Board has not received the continuing education required for renewal, the practitioner may not renew online yet. They will need to submit the CE Reporting Form. CE will be entered within 1-2 days, you then may renew online.

CE courses must be directly related to clinical dentistry. You may obtain one half of the required CE hours from self-study. The Board defines self-study as those in which there is no interaction between an instructor and student, or education in which the student engages in the learning activity without supervision or an instructor. Self-study programs may be pre-recorded audio programs, self-paced digital courses, or self-paced online courses. Self-study is an education process designed to permit a participant to learn a given subject without involvement of a proctor. Payment for a course and the certificate of completion are required in the event of an audit. The Board recommends you retain documentation such as receipts, vouchers or certificates of completion for four (4) years. Upon renewal, all licensees and registrants must have a minimum of 2 hours of Infection Control CE 2 hours of CPR or BLS, and 2 hours of Ethics/Jurisprudence. Please go to the Board’s website to complete the online Jurisprudence exam for 2 credits. These requirements are included in the total number of hours required.

Newly licensed? A dental or dental hygiene practitioner who was licensed by Examination and graduated from a dental program within 2 years (in 2016 or 2017) of the renewal date are exempt from the CE requirement but are not exempt from the renewal fee. Practitioners who submitted a License by Credential application, may submit CE taken within 24 months of the expiration of the license. You may use the same CE submitted for your application if within the last 2 years. 


In addition to the biennial continuing education requirement, practitioners must maintain a valid and current CPR certification.  Any credits earned by taking a CPR course for the sake of maintaining a valid certification will be counted towards the biennial CE requirement. Once you've confirmed that you have enough CE credits and a current CPR certificate you can send in the renewal form to renew online. CPR education must have a hands-on component.

Anesthesia and Sedation Permit Holders

Anesthesia and sedation permits are subject to expiration and renewal. You must submit the 2018-2019 RENEWAL APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO ADMINISTER GENERAL ANESTHESIA AND/OR DEEP SEDATION, AND MODERATE/MINIMAL SEDATION and submit the $200 payable to NDSBDE. The sedation or anesthesia permit must be renewed at the time of license renewal regardless of when the permit was issued. Anesthesia and sedation permits expire December 31st of odd numbered years. To avoid late fees, the renewal application and renewal fee must be received by the Board prior to the expiration date. Continuing education hours must include four (4) hours related to sedation or anesthesia to maintain the permit.

Initial Licensure Fee vs. Renewal Fee

Both fees are required in order to obtain and maintain a license and registration with the NDBDE. The initial license application fee is paid to initiate administrative processes and verifications that must be completed by the Board’s administrative office. The renewal fee, grants the license for the following two year period. Failure to pay the renewal fee will cause the license to expire.

License Status

If you are uncertain of your licensure status, click on the Board's Verification & Roster page. It is illegal to practice dentistry, dental hygiene, or provide dental assisting expanded duties without a license or registration. 


If you have a conviction, or any other incident to report as required by application,  send with the application supporting documentation and/or certified copies of all court documents related to the matter discussed in the petition. Documentation includes, as applicable, a copy of any assessment or evaluation and recommendations for treatment, criminal charges, reported offenses, police reports, judgments, dispositions of criminal complaint, dispositions of offenses, final dispositions, court orders, actions pending, and deferred judgments. Not doing so may delay the licensing process.

Time Line

2017-2019 Online Renewal Time Line

Approx. 10/16/2017 - Renewal notices mailed to all licensed and registered (Future renewals will be sent by email only). Renewals must be received no later than December 31, 2017 to avoid late fees. Qualifying continuing education must be submitted PRIOR to online renewal for a complete renewal process.

10/19/2017 thru 12/31/2017 -  DDS/RDH online renewal portal opens. To renew online, make sure the Board has all of the required CE.  You will need to submit the CE reporting form by mail or email. 

01/01/2018 - DDS/RDH online renewal portal is closed. Any renewal application postmarked after 12/31/2017 incurs a late fee.  Although the delinquent practitioner may not practice dentistry, the license may be renewed for up to 60 days past the expiration of the license. Under laws governing dentistry, a practitioner may not practice if the license has not been renewed by December 31st of odd numbered years.  

03/01/2018 - The license may no longer be renewed. The practitioner must re-apply for and meet the requirements for licensure to be granted a license. Applications may be found  online.


What do I need to renew online?

A current email address

A method of payment: Major credit cards accepted

Required continuing education submitted  to the Board in advance of online renewal.

What happens once I renew my license online?

A confirmation notice is sent via email.

A certificate of license is mailed to the address provided to the Board. By default, the Board will send the new certificate of license to the home address of dental hygienists and the work address of dentists. 

I am newly licensed. Do I need to renew my license?

Yes. Regardless of when you are licensed during the two year period, a renewal application and fee is required. The initial license application fee for licensure covers the Board’s time and resources involved in processing a new license. However, a license who has graduated from any CODA accredited programs within two years of the renewal deadline is exempt from sending the continuing education. CPR must be maintained at all times. A newly licensed by credential applicant may utilize CE taken within the previous two years of the renewal deadline, even if the CE was provided during the initial license application process. The renewal fee renews the license for the following 24 month period.

I did not receive the renewal notice, will I be charged the late fee?

Yes, if not renewed by 12/31/2017. The law requires all licensees to notify the Board of address changes. If you didn't receive a renewal notice by mid November, call the Board's office immediately.

It wasn't my fault! The office manager did not send the renewal applications and they were postmarked after December 31. Will l incur a late fee?

Yes.  The licensee remains responsible for the timely renewal of his/her license.

Is there a “grace” period?

If the renewal application, renewal fee, and proof of completion of CE are not received by December 31, the license expires and the practitioner (DDS, RDH, RDA or QDA) may not practice dentistry or dental hygiene. Within sixty days of December 31 an expired license may be renewed by submitting the renewal application, renewal fee, proof of completion of CE and a late fee.

Dentists and Dental hygienists renew license by December 31 of odd numbered years. Registered dental assistants renew registration by December 31 of even numbered years.

If I did not renew during the 60 day grace period, can I renew the licene?

No, the practitioner must apply and meet the requirements of licensure to be granted license. The process of re-applying for licensure delays practitioners further.

What method of payments are accepted?

Paypal allows government agencies to take Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What address will my renewal be sent to?

A DDS renewal notice is sent to the office address provided to the Board. If no office address is given, the renewal notice is sent to the home address. An RDH or RDA/QDA renewal notice is sent to the home address.

When can I place my license on inactive status?

When the license is due for renewal, request the inactive status application. While on inactive status, the dentist/hygienist may not engage in the practice of dentistry in the state until the dentist applies for reinstatement, pays the fee and meets any other requirement established by the Administrative Rules.
2017 Inactive DDS & RDH packet

If my license is inactive, can I apply for active license?

Yes, however an application for reinstatement must be reviewed by the Board. If you intend to reinstate your inactive license, plan ahead. The application and fee must be submitted to the Board 30 days before the next Board meeting. Reinstatement applications are only reviewed at quarterly Board meetings. 

If I am retired or my license is on inactive status, do I need to renew each biennial renewal period?

No. Inactive status must be maintained annually. Licensees who have submitted the “inactive status” application receive notice to renew the status annually around mid October. If the renewal for the inactive status is not received by the Board, the inactive status is cancelled. The annual fee is $35. Continuing education is not required. The licensee may not practice dentistry in North Dakota once the license is placed on inactive status.

When do registered dental assistants renew registration?

An RDA or QDA must renew registration by December 31 of even numbered years.