RDA Endorsements

Evidence of Education/Training

An RDA must provide evidence of education and training to receive an endorsement or a permit from the Board. Upon providing proof of completion of the training for monitoring nitrous oxide inhalation therapy, or pit and fissure sealant training, an RDA may be authorized to provide the duties. Once evidence of education and training are provided to the Board, the RDA may apply for a permit to become authorized to provide such duties.

The endorsement must be indicated on the RDA's registration card.  The purpose of the endorsement on the registration card is to provide verification of board approved training. If you have received and submitted proof of training/education, and the endorsement is not seen on the registration card, please notify the Board.

How is an Endorsement Different Than a Permit?

Renewal of an endorsement is not required. An RDA may receive an endorsement for monitoring nitrous oxide inhalation therapy or pit and fissure sealants by graduating from a CODA approved program or by providing evidence of a Board approved course. 

Renewal of a permit is required. A permit  authorizing the expanded duties of restorative functions or dental anesthesia assistant  duties must be renewed at the time the RDA registration is renewed. An RDA (or RDH) must meet requirements as provided by Administrative Rule  and apply to the Board to become authorized for Dental Anesthesia Assistant or Restorative Functions. The application requires proof of Board approved education/training and successfully passing any exams required by the Board for Dental Anesthesia Assistant or Restorative Functions. Once the Board approves the permit application, the Dental Anesthesia Assistant endorsement or Restorative Functions endorsement is noted on the registration card.  Renewing the permit requires proof of continuing education related to the permit authorizing Anesthesia Assistant or Restorative Functions duties.   

                          Restorative Functions Permit Application                      

  Dental Anesthesia Assistant Permit Application